Product Listing

Here are our brands of audio and video products:

Preamps, amps, DAC's, receivers:

Mark Levinson, Hegel, Arcam, Bricasti, Auralic, Marantz Reference, Theta Digital, Cambridge Audio, Lexicon, Cary Audio,

High performance cables:

Clarus, Iconoclast, Tributaries, Audience

Music server:

Hegel, Denon HEOS, Cambridge Audio, Auralic, Also our own computer hardware design for optimal music file and streaming playback, JRiver Media Center 

DACs / CD, BluRay, DVDA, SACD players:

Mark Levinson, Hegel, Cary Audio, Bricasti, Auralic, Marantz,  Cambridge Audio, Sony

Movie servers:

Fusion Research


Revel, KEF, Monitor Audio, Audio Physic, JBL Synthesis, Denon HEOS, Artison, Atlantic Technology, Niles, Martin Logan, Audience

 Turntables / Cartridges / Phono Stages:

         EAT, Project, Sumiko

Remote Controls:

RTI, Apple iPad, Harmony Pro

Power filters/surge protectors:

Audience, Panamax, APC, Richard Grey Power Company

Home theatre projectors:

JVC, Sony, Sharp,Optoma

Projection screens:

Stewart, Screen Innovations, Draper

Business projectors:

BenQ, Hitachi, Panasonic, NEC, Optoma


OnQ Legrande, RTI