Musicphile or Audiophile

The word "phile" is from the Greek word "phileo" meaning love.  "Philadelphia" for example, means "city of brotherly love".  When great music is on your radar, you are called a musicphile, a lover of music.  But when you have a sound system so you can hear your music sound like your at the original recording session, then you are an audiophile, a lover of realistic music reproduction. It is possible to be one of these "philes", a musicphile or an audiophile, without being the other, but the end result is less than satisfactory.

For example, if your friend loves music of certain genres, particular artists, performers, or composers then he is a musicphile.  But if he is not an audiophile, not demanding playback of his favorite music with realism, then a barrier to his musical enjoyment is in place.  No matter if it's Led Zeppelin, Taylor Swift, Beethoven, or John Coltrane, if the music playback isn't realistic, then the sound system acts like a filter, removing, contaminating, and diminishing the music.  Voices become a vague resemblence of their original vibrant, natural selves.  A guitar sounds like a cheap knockoff of its original sonically rich sound.

The reverse situation is also possible; an audiophile who is not a musicphile.  In my experience this is rare.  Most audiophiles I've met are audiophiles because they are musicphiles.  Because they love music, they want to hear the actual music played back, not a "dumbed down" version of music.  Theoretically, however, it is possible that an audiophile could spend too little time enjoying music on his nice sound system, kinda like the guy with a convertible sports car that rarely leaves the garage.  The equipment is in place, but the actual purpose for the equipment is not being fulfilled;  the potential is not being realized.

So now we come to the happy synthesis. A music lover also with a musically capable sound system.  If you're not experiencing that, then don't think that you can't afford it.  Sound componentry of modest cost is available, but not easy to recognize in the many aisles crowded with thousands of wanna be pretenders.  Worthy sound system components are correctly identified and provided through the professional evaluation process of experienced system integrators like At Home Stereo 314-378-0588.  That's who I, Dave, work for; and yes I too am a musicphile and an audiophile.