Me? Want a Real Stereo?

It is now 2018 and time to talk about what's really worth having in technology today.  For example, consider Stereo Audio Systems. Listening to music is a big deal to many Americans.

Canton Reference SpeakersListening in the car, listening to the headset while exercising, listening off the Cell Phone or computer, and many other ways.  But another really cool way to listen to music is through a high quality two channel music system. In the last half of the 20th century such two channel systems proliferated; if you didn't have a serious system, your Dad probably did. Then when Home Theater multi channel surround sound came around, many started believing that two channel stereo systems were now defunct and would become extinct. However, Surprise! Two channel listening is still going strong.  The big reason for it's continuance is that it provides a unique experience which is not  found in any other application of entertainment technology.

Here's why:

(1) A two channel audio system delivers a sound stage in front of the listener which the ear perceives without confusion or distracting "special effects". The rich stereo music image provides the listener with an engaging sensory musical experience.

(2) A two channel system is made up of components specially designed for the one purpose of providing a true musical experience for the listener. In contrast, Home Theater's focus is on building a surround sound experience around the video image on the screen. Quality sound is important in Home Theaters but the sound serves the movie, unlike a pure music system where the sound serves the music. High quality music system speakers and electronics provide musical expression far beyond what a Home Theater is typically capable of. The stereo components are engineered for that special ability, just like the design, manufacture and driving of a fine sports car.

(3)  Usually, when a separate two channel listening area cannot be placed in your home, you can combine the stereo music listening experience into the same room with your Home Theater system. Audio equipment is now designed where the specialized music reproduction equipment can be blended into the same overall system which provides for Home Theater. That way one room becomes a multi-purpose room providing both Home Theater and Music listening. Contact Dave for info on how this can work for you.